Resources: ArticleZoom Interview Tips


Download the application/link a day prior to make sure you are prepared and know to expect with any technical issues, wireless connections, and your audio. Run practice sessions where you record yourself and evaluate it; Zoom gives you the opportunity to see what your interviewer will see! Practice talking to your webcam, practice your interview answers and examples, and get comfortable with this new way of interviewing. 

Be right on time

Set an alarm to make sure you log in a minute or two before your interview is set to start. Take 10 minutes to read over your notes and get ready before logging on. Be sure not to log on too early (it could interrupt another meeting your interviewer is conducting), and do not be late. 

Eliminate distractions

Pick a spot that is quiet and try your best to eliminate distractions. You want your interviewer to focus on your answers and not be distracted by dogs, kids, doors slamming, doorbells ringing, etc. Minimize or close out any windows or screens on your computer as well so your eyesight is not distracted from the conversation. 

Look into the camera 

One of the most difficult things about video interviews can be knowing where to look. Look directly into the camera when you are talking or answering questions.  If you look at the person as you are talking, the camera doesn’t capture your eye contact for them so when speaking, look into the camera.  Look at the screen while the interviewer is speaking to pick up visual clues on how the conversation is going as well as to give your interviewer your full attention.  Adjust your camera so that it is focused on your face and shoulders; not too far or too close.

Dress for success and have a clean background behind you 

“People hear what they see”. Treat this as you would an in person meeting. Set yourself up for success by dressing in clothes that make you feel confident and professional. Everyone is more causal these days, but use this as an opportunity to make a great first impression and take the time to dress as you would for a meeting in someone’s office. Make sure your background is not distracting, is well lit, and also gives a professional first impression. 

Focus on your body language 

Do not use your hands to talk, it can be distracting. Don’t forget to nod and smile when it’s appropriate to show your interviewer you are engaged, and maintain good eye contact. The plus side to a video interview, versus the phone, is that you have the chance to connect over non-verbal cues; use this to your advantage. 

Have your notes, bios, and questions ready 

The advantage to interviewing on Zoom is that you can have your resume and notes within reach. Take the time to jot down examples, questions, etc. and review your resume. Make sure to also have a phone number for your recruiter or interviewer just in case there are technical difficulties and you need a plan B! 

Wrap up the interview and follow up

Thank your interviewer for their time and make sure you know where the end meeting button is. Don’t have your sigh of relief that the meeting is over (and hopefully went well!) until you close out and have officially left the meeting. Now it’s time to call your recruiter and let them know how great things went due to your Zoom interview tips!