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Specialized Recruitment Services in the Alternative Asset Management Space

Access to exclusive job openings and untapped talent

Interview prep & resume construction

Job hunting is a
full time job.

We’re the resource and confidant that keeps you on track.

We learn, aquaint, and work in partnership with you to find your best fit. We maintain professionalism and confidentiality to be the top trusted recruiting agency in NYC. We assist you with resume presentation, interviewing tips and feedback, salary negotiation, and resignation.

Hiring is a
full time job, too.

We’re the partner that lets you do your job.

We collaborate with you to assess your
needs, and effectively address them using
our resources. We actively recruit and vet
appropriate candidates to source the best
talent. We team with you to ensure your
placement timelines and the onboarding of
new hires goes smoothly.


Alternative Credit Firm
Senior Risk Associate, New York, NY

Hedge Fund
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Palm Beach, FL

Venture Capital
Accounting Manager (Full-time or Part-time), New Jersey

Bella and I met in 2018 when I was exploring job opportunities. She placed me in a role that changed my career in the best way possible. Two years later, I am writing this feeling more grateful than ever to have worked with Bella. She is personable, professional, and genuinely wants to help her clients find the best fit.

Patricia, Legal Professional
$2.5B Asset Manager

Andrea is fantastic at what she does and such a pleasure to work with!!! I have never met a recruiter I actually TRUSTED - until I met Andrea, that is. She gave me solid, honest advice even when she had nothing to gain from it. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Natalia, Fund Controller
Real Estate Investment Trust

Working with Kim was an absolute pleasure! She immediately stood out from other recruiters due to her industry knowledge and thoroughness. She was accessible, responsive and very professional throughout the process. Kim truly took an interest in my career objectives and made sure to present me with roles that put me on track for professional development. She helped place me in my current role and I look forward to continuing to work with her for our future hiring needs.

Brenda, Director, Human Resources
$43B Hedge Fund

Working with Cardea Group was a breath of fresh air. They have the qualities you always want and rarely find in a recruiter - honesty, perspective, and a genuine desire to place you in a job that you want as opposed to one that needs to be filled. I recommend anyone in the market to get in touch with the Cardea Group and discover what a job search is supposed to be.

Edward, Compliance Associate
$35B Global Private Equity Firm

How Does It Work?

Resume Template

Submit Your Resume

1. Submit your resume here on Cardea Group's site.

2. Meet with our team to discuss your career goals and open positions. We will assist you throughout the job searching process with resume formatting, interview preparation, helpful tips and feedback.

3. We present your resume to exclusive job openings and help secure your dream job.

Submit A Position

1. Upload a job description.

2. Meet with our team to discuss your hiring needs.

3. Cardea Group will target recruit candidates, present appropriate resumes, and facilitate the interview process.

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