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Specialized Recruitment Services in the Alternative Asset Management Space

Access to exclusive job openings and untapped talent

Interview prep & resume construction

Job hunting is a
full time job.

We’re the resource and confidant that keeps you on track.

We learn, aquaint, and work in partnership with you to find your best fit. We maintain professionalism and confidentiality to be the top trusted recruiting agency in NYC. We assist you with resume presentation, interviewing tips and feedback, salary negotiation, and resignation.

Hiring is a
full time job, too.

We’re the partner that lets you do your job.

We collaborate with you to assess your
needs, and effectively address them using
our resources. We actively recruit and vet
appropriate candidates to source the best
talent. We team with you to ensure your
placement timelines and the onboarding of
new hires goes smoothly.


Hedge Fund
Trading Assistant, New York, NY

Asset Management Firm
Associate, Business Development, New York, NY

Asset Management Firm
Human Resources, Administrative Manager , New York, NY

“We have used the Cardea Group several times (successfully!) over the past few years, and each time we have been enormously impressed with the breadth of their industry knowledge, the quality of their candidates and their level of professionalism in shepherding us through the process.  They did a superb job of understanding us, and exactly what we are looking for, and each one of their candidate has been right on point and a serious contender.  They are the best in their field.”

Justin, General Counsel
$3B Asset Manager

"Our organization, as a general rule, tries to recruit in-house and shies away from using agencies for our recruitment efforts.  Cardea Group is the exception to this rule!  They have a special knack for understanding the needs and culture of their client organizations and identifying candidates that uniquely fit each role.  They operate as true partners, never pushing or overwhelming us with candidates that are not a fit, but instead carefully selecting candidates that always seem to be a slam dunk for the role.  Overall, and with absolute enthusiasm for this statement, they are a pleasure to work with!"

Gwyn, Human Resources Manager
$20B Investment Advisor

"It has been my distinct pleasure to work in partnership with the Cardea group for the past 11 years to fulfill all of our hiring needs. They are our go-to recruiters!  Their vetting process is second to none.  The candidate selection for our positions has been so on target that I have affectionately coined them “one and done”!  

Andrea and Steve are the epitome of professionalism and have always gone above and beyond to meet our demands in a timely manner.  I whole-heartedly recommend them!"

Ellen, Head of Administration
Asset Manager

“I have worked with the Cardea Group on several search assignments including, operations, accounting, investor relations, legal and compliance positions. Without fail, each of the candidates has been of the highest caliber. I have never met with a candidate through Cardea that wasn't on target with our needs. The service, prompt attention, consistent follow up and quality of candidates we received from Cardea speaks well of their recruiting and screening process. I trust them and have complete peace of mind knowing that the Cardea Group is on my team."

Laurie, General Partner & CAO
$2B Hedge Fund

How Does It Work?

Resume Template

Submit Your Resume

1. Submit your resume here on Cardea Group's site.

2. Meet with our team to discuss your career goals and open positions. We will assist you throughout the job searching process with resume formatting, interview preparation, helpful tips and feedback.

3. We present your resume to exclusive job openings and help secure your dream job.

Submit A Position

1. Upload a job description.

2. Meet with our team to discuss your hiring needs.

3. Cardea Group will target recruit candidates, present appropriate resumes, and facilitate the interview process.

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