Joy Donor

Research Analyst

Work Bio

After finishing her Associate Degree in Hospitality Management, Joy opted an Administrative role in a Government IT Research and Development Institution in the Philippines, where she passionately contributed for over a decade. As she ventured into the realm of online/remote jobs, new amazing opportunities led her to embark on a remarkable career milestone – being part of the Cardea Team. Demonstrating her capabilities and commitment, she performs database management and facilitates organizational and administrative responsibilities for the team. When not in front of the computer, she liked to go road-tripping and going places where there’s a vast view of nature or city lights!

Out of Office

You can find me outside the office… Road tripping and checking out places with a nice vast view of mountains, and nature.

I named my dog/cat…  CC, because of her Chocolate Caramel color.. and my adopted cats – Sassy and Sunny, because at first, I thought they were girls.

Three countries I’d love to visit are… Japan, New Zealand, and USA.

My favorite vacation spot… at the beach, or anywhere because it’s vacation!

My favorite Cardea Group memory… is joining the team and my first team meeting.

I’d describe my clients as… Enthusiastic, committed, and friendly.

I admire my candidates most… When they strive to reach their goals.