Andrea Colabella

Executive Recruiter & Partner

Work Bio

Andrea graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics & Statistics. She began recruiting soon after graduating and has been thriving in the industry ever since. Her excellence in the industry is highlighted through her admittance into The Pinnacle Society, an influential consortium of 80 industry-leading recruiters (fewer than 1% of producers in the country) with a history of results. She is passionate about delivering best-in-class service to her clients and candidates through honest and persistent hard work. Aside from recruiting, Andrea loves spending time with her family, traveling to new places, and visiting her friends.

Out of Office

You can find me outside the office spending time with my family, traveling, meeting up with friends, or working on initiatives with the non-for-profits I support.

I named my dog Punky because I idolized Punky Brewster as a child and it’s such a fun name with so many nicknames (Punkster, Punk-a-dunks, Punks…)

Three countries I’d love to visit are Belize, Croatia, and Spain.

My favorite vacation spot is Greece.

My favorite Cardea Group memory is going to the GAIM conference in Grand Cayman—we had many fun memories and met a number of outstanding people.

I’d describe my clients as reputable, upstanding, collaborative, trustworthy, and engaging. Many people I’ve worked with have become more than acquaintances—they’re friends and I appreciate their wit, their respect for our work, and how personable they are.

I admire my candidates most when they take chances on themselves to pursue roles that might be considered a “reach.” Many of our openings are newly-created positions and can sound intimidating. One of my favorite sayings is that a job description is about 60% accurate and 40% what you make of it.  This is especially true of newly created opportunities, so I love it when candidates take that leap—it is oftentimes when their careers flourish most.