Resources: ArticleHow a Recruiter Can Be Your Lifeline While Hiring (for clients)

The right recruitment agency can make the hiring process faster, more targeted, and more efficient. If staffing your firm with quality employees is a priority for you, then a recruitment agency is worth the investment. Read on for our reasons why.

  1. It’s easier!

    Filling an open position takes time, energy, and resources to perform the nitty-gritty tasks that hiring takes, such as posting on job boards and reviewing hundreds of resumes (sometimes applicable, most of the time – not). A recruitment agency can do those for you from pulling the most relevant candidates, screening them, and vetting their reasons for transitioning to a new firm to ensure that you’re hiring the right talent. At the end of the day, you are saving yourself time to do your job and you are interviewing only the most qualified candidates.

  2. A bigger (more qualified!) pool of candidates

    Although not always the case, many candidates that are successful in their job fields will be currently employed.  These well-qualified, more desirable candidates are not necessarily the ones answering to job boards or hiring ads. A recruitment agency like Cardea Group will be actively cold calling and networking with this pool of candidates to present you with the untapped talent you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

  3. Finding the right fit

    A recruitment agency that is truly interested in making a lasting fit for the client and the candidate will take the time to invest in finding the “perfect” professional to join your team. Part of Cardea Group’s mission is to thoroughly understand a company’s culture and needs, as well as a candidate’s strengths and goals, to create a lasting fit for both parties. A recruitment agency that has a good grasp of the company, will present candidates that will fit the position and equally as importantly, the culture.

  4. A long term relationship

    A lasting, long-term relationship with a recruitment agency will allow your entire hiring process to become easier as your hiring needs continue. Having a good working relationship with a recruitment agency, based on trust and quality placements, can serve as a long-term investment that will benefit your company.