Resources: ArticleHow a Recruiter Can Be Your Lifeline (For Candidates)

Wondering why to give a recruiter the time of day?! After reading this blog post, I have a hunch you’ll think again the next time opportunity calls (literally!)

  1. Targeted knowledge of the industry

    Recruiters are specialized in their area of recruitment and can give you inside knowledge on the companies you will be interviewing for. When candidates come to Cardea Group, our recruiters are the first people qualified to answer any questions about the alternative asset management and the firms that are hiring. Good recruiters know the industry inside and out and will have personal connections at these firms.

  2. Exclusive opportunities!

    Recruiters work with companies who outsource their hiring needs to an agency.  Most of the time these positions won’t be on public job boards for a variety of reasons. Working with a recruiter is an excellent chance to be exposed to unique opportunities that could be a better fit for you. And more options are always better than less, right?

  3. Targeted interview preparation!

    A great advantage to working with a recruiter is the extra preparation you get before you head in for an interview. Think about it. It only benefits a recruiter to have a candidate that is overly prepared and prepped to succeed in an interview setting. The recruiter will have already discussed with the hiring manager what kind of candidate the company is looking for and will most likely have met the people you will be interviewing with. At Cardea Group, we make it a point to meet our clients so that we can prepare our candidates before every interviewing stage. More prep = interviewing success!

  4. Ever wonder what your interviewer is actually thinking? Now you can know!

    After leaving an interview, we’re sure the first thing every candidate wonders is “How did I do?!” Feedback is an important aspect of refining and improving interviewing skills while working towards nailing the next interview. With a recruiter, you can get uncensored feedback on what the interviewer thought and why they liked you or didn’t like you for the position.

  5. The Perfect Fit

    Perhaps most importantly, it is in a recruiter’s best interest to find a candidate that will be the best fit for the company. Therefore, it is in a recruiter’s best interest to find out what is the candidate’s best fit. A successful recruiter can ascertain what a candidate wants in a new position and which company would offer this match. The extra care and attention a recruiter puts into a candidate and their needs pays off in the end for all three parties – the candidate, the company and the recruiter!