Resources: Article5 Reasons You Should Take a Recruiter’s Call

We’re the first to admit it—getting a call from one of us (a headhunter, a recruiter, whatever you want to call us) can be very uncomfortable while you’re sitting at your desk next to your supervisor or among your colleagues.   Why do we do it anyway? First of all, because there are people out there who want to speak to us and are happy to hear from us and you might be one of them. Secondly because, in many instances, it is the only way to connect and have a real conversation with you…and we’re calling you with a purpose. This I promise. There are countless benefits to connecting with a recruiter, but here are some of the major reasons that you should listen to us or pay attention to what we’re saying when we call! 

  1. Target Recruiting

    We have a plan of who we are calling everysingleday. Every person whose name and number we have scribbled down on our plan is there for a reason. There are hundreds of thousands of people we can be calling at any given moment but we are calling YOU. In earnest, you should be flattered! Of all the people in your field, we chose to call you. Why? Because we are not just recruiting you…we are target recruiting you. Most successful and knowledgeable recruiters plan their day carefully by choosing which candidates are direct fits for specific jobs. Sometimes we could be calling you about a “reach” job—the one that might be a tremendous next step, other times we’re calling because we know the firm we’re working with is amazing and could be a better company than where you are working, and then there are times we are just not sure if the opportunity makes sense…but we know the only way to find out is by talking you and learning more about your career interests and trajectory!

  2. Access To Untapped Opportunities

    Many firms, especially within the asset management industry, do not advertise their openings online at all. These firms have a level of prestige to uphold, or want to conduct a confidential search, or just don’t have the time to filter through all of the irrelevant resumes gathered through a job posting. One of the most effective ways for them to find the right talent is to align themselves with a specialized agency like Cardea Group to find the best available candidate talent out there. These jobs are typically so highly coveted that we rarely are engaged on a search that has a pool of candidates not sourced through an agency; firms of this caliber want to find the best talent, not just any candidate. We are often your only access to specific searches and your means of getting in front of the hiring manager.

  3. Additional Opportunities Available

    We have relationships with many firms of varying sizes, demands, and work environments. If the opportunity you are currently being target-recruited for is of no interest to you, then talk to us about what would be of interest to you! New opportunities cross our desks on a daily basis! If you share with us what roles and companies would spark your interest, an excellent recruiter will call you about those job opportunities in the future. 

  4. Job Market Updates

    We have a front-row seat on seeing what the job market looks like, especially in our area of focus. Speaking with a headhunter can give you some color on what the market looks like in your specific niche, what opportunities are available, and offer color on compensation ranges for positions similar to the one that you hold. Some of our best relationships with candidates are not with those people who are constantly on the job hunt, but rather people who use us as a benchmark for what is available on the job market. We often times have information that could invaluable to your current position, future negotiations, and career moves. And, we LOVE being a resource to you…we do!

  5. Consider The Long Term Benefits

    We recognize that when we’re calling you at your desk, there is a good chance that you are very happily employed at your current firm. However, you never know when you may need a career change and you certainly can’t predict when you’ll be laid off or fired. If you establish relationships with recruiters at a time when you’re happily employed, you’ll have people to reach out to when it’s time for a change.