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I cannot say enough good things about working with Andrea! Because of her, I landed a career changing role that moved me into the C-suite and enabled me (with my fiancé) to relocate to a new place with a better quality of life. Andrea was a great listener, honest and a pleasure to work with. She talked me through every step of the process in detail and was super communicative. Most importantly, she believed in me and properly balanced keeping my spirits up with reflecting on all there was at stake, level-headedly. She is a top-notch recruiter!

Kelly, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, $1.3B Asset Manager

I met with Cardea Group in 2018 when I was exploring job opportunities. They placed me in a role that changed my career in the best way possible. Two years later, I am writing this feeling more grateful than ever to have worked with team at Cardea Group. They are personable, professional, and they genuinely want to help their clients find the best fit.

Patricia, Legal Professional, $2.5B Asset Manager

Andrea is fantastic at what she does and such a pleasure to work with!!! I have never met a recruiter I actually TRUSTED - until I met Andrea, that is. She gave me solid, honest advice even when she had nothing to gain from it. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Natalia, Fund Controller, Real Estate Investment Trust

Working with Kim was an absolute pleasure! She immediately stood out from other recruiters due to her industry knowledge and thoroughness. She was accessible, responsive and very professional throughout the process. Kim truly took an interest in my career objectives and made sure to present me with roles that put me on track for professional development. She helped place me in my current role and I look forward to continuing to work with her for our future hiring needs.

Brenda, Director, Human Resources, $43B Hedge Fund

Working with Cardea Group was a breath of fresh air. They have the qualities you always want and rarely find in a recruiter - honesty, perspective, and a genuine desire to place you in a job that you want as opposed to one that needs to be filled. I recommend anyone in the market to get in touch with the Cardea Group and discover what a job search is supposed to be.

Edward, Compliance Associate, $35B Global Private Equity Firm

I have worked with a handful of recruiters and the folks at Cardea Group are by far the best! My experience with recruiters in Financial Services generally goes something like this: they contact you, tell you that you’re the perfect fit for a role, get you very excited with details about the position and talk of benefits and a big salary, and then you never hear from them again. At Cardea, they really take the time to work with and prep candidates. They request to meet with you face to face to discuss your goals, and really try to get a sense of who you are and what the best fit might be. The team is very professional and highly knowledgeable. They prep you ahead of each interview and give you a detailed rundown of each person you are going to meet with. Then, they make sure to have a debrief after each round of interviews.

I had the opportunity to work with Kim Autuori who is very thorough and incredibly reliable. Not only does she have an extensive network, she’s so personable and easy to work with. What’s more, she has an in-depth understanding of the industry and she’s very persistent. Kim is working just as hard as you, if not harder, to get you your dream job. What made her stand out to me most is her thoughtful approach. She cares about more than what’s on your resume, she values the importance of connecting with you and making sure you connect with any potential employers. She realizes that you’re looking for a new home! I truly only have positive things to say.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Kim and really hope to work with her again in the future!

Luke, Compliance Professional, Multinational Financial Services Firm

Our organization, as a general rule, tries to recruit in-house and shies away from using agencies for our recruitment efforts.  Cardea Group is the exception to this rule!  They have a special knack for understanding the needs and culture of their client organizations and identifying candidates that uniquely fit each role.  They operate as true partners, never pushing or overwhelming us with candidates that are not a fit, but instead carefully selecting candidates that always seem to be a slam dunk for the role.  Overall, and with absolute enthusiasm for this statement, they are a pleasure to work with!

Gwyn, Human Resources Manager, $20B Investment Advisor

Steve is by far the best recruiter I've ever worked with.  He truly understands the roles he is working to fill as well as the firms that are seeking to fill them.  Steve spent considerable time and effort preparing me for interviews and is extremely thoughtful about the interviewing and hiring process.  On top of all that, he is a great guy and a pleasure to work with.  I can't thank him enough for all of his help, and I wish Steve and the Cardea Group continued success! 

Chris, Chief Compliance Officer, $7B Hedge Fund

Working with Andrea was such a wonderful experience. She is patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable. She has a genuine belief in her clients and their ability to succeed in achieving their career goals. Whether it’s making time for her clients no matter how busy she is, being transparent in the job search process, or finding positions that are the right fit for her clients, Andrea always goes the extra mile. Her passion for helping others achieve their career goals is beyond evident and truly inspiring.

Alysha, Legal and Compliance Professional, Multi-Billion-Dollar Private Equity Firm

The team at Cardea Group are not only recruiters who know how to find the best matches between a firm and a candidate, but more importantly they add value to the process. Cardea Group accompanied me through the preparation for each interview round, giving me the information and support needed at each step. A true value add to both the firm and the candidate.

Karen, Risk Manager, $35B Hedge Fund

Working with Andrea and the Cardea team was a wonderful experience. She is honest, professional, and genuinely has her clients’ best interests at heart. Not only did Cardea Group help me find the perfect job, but they gave me guidance and support throughout the entire process. Andrea and the team ensures that you are prepared for all interviews and provides you with valuable feedback and advise; they made the entire process stress-free. I highly recommend The Cardea Group to anyone looking for a new job!

Jessica, Senior Fund Accountant, $3 Billion Long Short Hedge Fund

The Cardea group helped me hire a true all-star as I was looking to build out my compliance team in New York. They were incredibly thorough at vetting candidates and ensuring that they understood the needs of the business and my team. Their customized approach to recruiting is what makes them stand out from the other compliance recruiters out there.

Anna, Chief Compliance Officer, $75B Hybrid Private Equity/Hedge Fund

Cardea Group helped me land my dream job. Having decided I no longer wanted to pursue a JD, they took my transition in stride. The team was supportive throughout the entire recruitment process, helping me gain the confidence I needed to succeed in multi-round interviews. Cardea Group was persistent and driven, while actively listening and considering all stakeholders simultaneously. I would highly recommend working with Cardea Group to any friends or colleagues looking to transition within the financial space. They are more than a recruiter firm, they are supporters, connectors and a confidants.

Morgan, Investor Relations Associate, $14B Investment Advisory Firm

[Cardea Group] helped find and place me at my current position in financial services. From the beginning, [they were] extremely professional, supportive and helpful. [They] really went above and beyond to ensure the best outcome both for me and for the company at which I now work. I found [them] to be unlike the other recruiters who reached out to me for a few key reasons; [they are] genuine, thorough, and show a consistent interest in candidates, companies and how they fit together. [They are] strong and reliable communicators, which I believe is central to being an effective and trusted recruiter. I am grateful to have worked with [the Cardea Grop] and would highly recommend [them] to both individuals and companies looking for a recruiter!

Madeline, Analyst Fund Administrator, $20B Assets UnderAdministration

Steve is one of a kind!  He is incredibly thoughtful from a professional and personal perspective.  Steve cares that you will be a good fit for a company and vice versa.  I truly believe Steve cares about a candidate’s happiness and professional growth and success above all else when placing them. I find myself coming back to Steve to check in and for career advice often - even if I am not actively looking for a new position - because I trust his opinion as a rock star recruiter and as a friend. I owe a great deal of my professional success to Steve’s advice and from working with Steve. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me! 

Marian, VP of Investor Relations, $14B Hedge Fund

I had the privilege of working with the team at Cardea Group last year, when they helped place me at my current firm. During the recruiting process, I always felt informed, prepared, and confident about each interview opportunity. Not only were they professional and knowledgeable, they were very personable and always kept an open line of communication with me. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Cardea Group, as they provided the genuine support and guidance that I needed while going through my job search.

Doyoung, Legal and Compliance Professional, $70B Private Equity Firm

Steve had offred me great advice and support, making my job transition as smooth and comfortable as it could have been. He helped me find an ideal position, understood what I should be looking for and how I should be thinking about the process.

Anton, Compliance Officer, $1B Hedge Fund

I had the pleasure of working with Steve over the course of 7 or 8 months last year. During that time, I was struggling working late hours at my job while also squeezing in as many early-morning interviews as my schedule would allow. Steve was a constant source of support, comfort and strength for me during one of the more stressful periods of my life. Steve helped me regain my confidence during some serious let-downs in my search process and, though I ultimately found my new role on my own, I am forever grateful to Steve for going above and beyond the call of duty, for putting up with my incessant e-mails and calls, and for making my search process so positive. If I’m ever in search of a new role, Steve will without a doubt be my first call. Thanks again, Steve! 

Margaret, Compliance Professional, Global Investment Advisory Firm

Andrea is the best recruiter ever! She has quite literally made all of my life dreams come true. First, she found me a job in my dream location. Then she found me a remote job that I couldn't have even dream of. I believe Andrea's success lies in her strong network, personal connection, and willingness to think outside of the box. If I were to look for a new job, Andrea is the first and only person I would contact without hesitation!

Kimberly , Legal Associate, Multi-Billion-Dollar Asset Manager

Working with Andrea was nothing short of amazing.  She has a unique ability to inspire confidence and project calm in what can be a very uncertain period in one’s career.  Knowing that Andrea was there each step of the way with my best interests at heart was vital, and her honesty, enthusiasm and friendship made my experience working with the Cardea Group incredibly positive.  Not only is she a wonderful recruiter, she’s an even better person.  I cannot recommend Andrea and the Cardea Group highly enough!    

Bryan, VP, Legal and Compliance, $6B Private Equity Fund

I have worked with Andrea Colabella at The Cardea Group for a number of years both from an employer and a candidate perspective. She is my go to recruiter for all legal placements. Andrea has her finger on the pulse of hiring market conditions and is very knowledgeable about compensation benchmarking for various positions. As a candidate, she was caring, thoughtful and thought provoking. I felt that she had my best interest in mind and was my advocate with my future employer. I highly recommend Andrea and The Cardea Group!

Jennifer, Director, Human Resources, Private Equity

We have used the Cardea Group several times (successfully!) over the past few years, and each time we have been enormously impressed with the breadth of their industry knowledge, the quality of their candidates and their level of professionalism in shepherding us through the process.  They did a superb job of understanding us, and exactly what we are looking for, and each one of their candidate has been right on point and a serious contender.  They are the best in their field.

Justin, General Counsel, $3B Asset Manager

It has been my distinct pleasure to work in partnership with the Cardea group for the past 11 years to fulfill all of our hiring needs. They are our go-to recruiters!  Their vetting process is second to none.  The candidate selection for our positions has been so on target that I have affectionately coined them “one and done”!  

Andrea and Steve are the epitome of professionalism and have always gone above and beyond to meet our demands in a timely manner.  I whole-heartedly recommend them!

Ellen, Head of Administration, Asset Manager

I have worked with the Cardea Group on several search assignments including, operations, accounting, investor relations, legal and compliance positions. Without fail, each of the candidates has been of the highest caliber. I have never met with a candidate through Cardea that wasn't on target with our needs. The service, prompt attention, consistent follow up and quality of candidates we received from Cardea speaks well of their recruiting and screening process. I trust them and have complete peace of mind knowing that the Cardea Group is on my team.

Laurie, General Partner & CAO, $2B Hedge Fund

Andrea is a highly thoughtful and kind recruiter who provides the utmost support throughout the process of finding a new workplace. She's an absolute pleasure to work with and I have and would recommend her to anyone considering their next career move. It is clear from the opportunities she presents that she puts a lot of careful consideration into her research on behalf of her clients, and just as importantly, that she maintains a close working relationship with excellent firms. Andrea rises far above the rest in her field!

Kevin, Compliance Associate, Leading Global Private Equity Firm

I’ve been working with Annie (Andrea) and Steve for years and trust them implicitly. They build an incredible rapport with their clients and candidates making the process as seamless as possible. They are honest, straightforward and always have my firm’s best interest in mind. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Rob, Vice President, Recruiting, $6B Asset Manager

Working with Andrea was an absolute pleasure. She is by far the best recruiter I've ever come into contact with. She genuinely cares for the people she is trying to help, which ultimately makes all the difference. She was there for me throughout the entire interview process: advice, preparation, and execution. Because of her, I was able to interview with the knowledge and confidence necessary to land my first job in the investment industry. If you're looking for a new position in an industry that you love, Andrea is the person to talk to.

Dan, Investment Associate, Investment Consulting Firm

Since I was referred to her three years ago, Andrea has been a pleasure to work with.  She did an excellent job with interview preparation and it was with her guidance that I landed my first role at a Private Equity fund.  She is very respectful, honest and gives constructive feedback.  In my experience with her, Andrea genuinely cares that the job opportunities she presents are in line with my desired career path and has set realistic expectations.  I will always keep in touch.

Rachel, Senior Fund Accounting Analyst, $250M Private Equity Firm

I have had the privilege of working with Andrea for several years – she is bright, personable, responsive and extremely hard working.   Best of all, her recruiting efforts consistently lead to successful and long-lasting hires.  Without question, there is no better choice out there.

Asher, Chief Compliance Officer, $6B Hedge Fund

My job search experience with Andrea and Steve was unmatched on many different levels. Cardea is not your typical recruitment firm that places candidates in roles without care or thought of whether the opportunity is the right fit or in the best interest of the candidate. Both Andrea and Steve were sincere and helpful guides throughout the process, with the upmost care about my preferences. My feedback was always valued and I was never pressured to take an interview, even on the verge of potential offers. In addition, the positions presented to me by Cardea were among the best opportunities available and tailored to my preferences. Our relationship has turned into a lasting friendship, and for that, I am grateful.

Brendan, Compliance Analyst, $9B Hedge Fund

Andrea is one of the savviest and most plugged-in executive recruiters around. She has a specialty in financial services and has her finger on the pulse of the industry. She is not only a great point of contact for exploring career options but she offers great advice and perspective on trends and where the best opportunities are right now.

James , Founder, Start-up Hedge Fund

I worked with Andrea while I was searching for a job. She was wonderful and completely different than any head hunter I've dealt with in the past. She is attentive, personable, and clearly an expert in her field. I would happily work with Andrea again and would certainly recommend her to others.

Elizabeth, Legal Counsel, $5B Hedge Fund and Private Equity Firm

Annie has done amazing things for me. I reached out to Annie in 2010 because a good friend of mine recommended her. I emailed her, sent her my resume, and without saying anything she took her very important time to totally revamp my resume in order to help me obtain a job. She used her creativity and knowledge of the industry to make me stand out. Because of this, I was able to obtain a job at a top-notch firm. I am currently trying to use her services again. She provides such a great level of service that is so hard to find at head hunting firms. I admire her level of professionalism and hope to be at that high of a level someday.

Bryan, Personal Banker, Commercial and Investment Bank

[Cardea Group] is wonderful to work with. They are extremely personable, hardworking and detailed. [My Cardea recruiter] is a very clear and positive thinker. If you need to partner with a staffing professional, [Cardea] is the go-to!

Laurie, President and Senior Recruiter, Staffing and Recruitment Services Firm

Within three months of connecting with [the Cardea Group], I found a great new job that I look forward to each morning. From the beginning, [their] genuineness made me comfortable and focused. [They] helped me clarify what I wanted and needed from a new position, and, as a result, delivered quality job opportunities. [Their] valuable feedback and positive energy kept me confident and optimistic from start to finish. All in all, [they] made an, otherwise, daunting job search enjoyable.

Emily, Executive Assistant, $1B Fund of Hedge Funds

Andrea and The Cardea Group is versed in what firms need in their employees, and what skills potential employees can bring to these companies. Importantly, Andrea and the team have well-documented and well-articulated advice for job seekers, helping them to best present themselves throughout the entire job search and interview process. 

Dara, Investor Relations, $20B Hedge Fund

Annie is an enthusiastic, professional, and loyal person who brings these traits to her work. While I haven't worked with Annie specifically for my own employment needs, she is a trusted person to whom I frequently refer colleagues and friends who are in search of new opportunities. I know that Annie will treat my referrals with the utmost respect and will work to match them with the best positions for their skillsets and interests. Annie has also referred clients to me for employment at my firm, and she always sends great candidates with glowing resumes. It is without hesitation that I recommend Annie's work and personal character.

Meredith, Investment Risk Officer, Investment Bank

I worked with Andrea when I was looking for a job and she was exceptional. A breath of fresh air in the recruiting world. Andrea is smart and thorough with exemplary communication skills. You could tell she had great relationships with her clients. She would only match someone for a job if they were a good fit and she was able to prepare me really well for interviews. I can't say enough good things!

Joslyn, Structured Finance, $4B Real Estate Investment Trust

Working with Andrea has truly been a pleasure. A personalized and tailored approach for her clients, she always listens to your desired career goals and adjusts her search to fit your needs. Even though I did not source my final opportunity from her, she was immensely helpful while I was on my search. She was methodical, organized and constantly follows up with me on my career progress. Definitely a gem in the recruiting world!

Jawwad, Structured Finance Professional,, Investment Bank

Andrea is extremely professional, more than competent, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

Kurt, Founding Partner and COO,, Start-Up Hedge Fund

Andrea is very professional and provides a high level of service when it comes to changing employers. Soon after we connected I not only interviewed but got a new job, where I’m very happy, with a minimal amount of hassle. I enjoyed the fact that she's direct, cuts through the BS and doesn't waste time. I'm sure we'll work again in the future.

Anton, Trade Support Analyst, $60BTraditional Asset Manager

I have the privileged to work with Andrea for the past few years on Operation roles in financial institutions and this recommendation is long overdue! I wanted to share how great and amazing a recruiter and mentor she really is! I have worked with tons of recruiter but in terms of being professional, understanding and strong work ethics Andrea simply is one of the best! She provides a lot of guidance and support in helping candidates make sound career choices and assist companies in recruiting top talented individuals. Andrea is also one of the most hard working and passionate individuals I know. I wish there were more recruiters like her! Thanks Andrea for everything and I look forward to our continued partnership within the financial industry!

Michelle, Investment Operations, Investment Management Division of an Insurance Company

Andrea has placed me in two roles over the past five years. She has a very good understanding of the type of candidate a company is looking for and she works diligently with her candidates. She is with you from start to finish, always making herself available throughout the interview process. I highly recommend Andrea and her colleagues at Cardea Group.

Amy, Executive Assistant, $1B Family Office

I’ve worked with Andrea both to find a new job and to fill a position with my firm.  Both were great overall experiences.  Cardea has a strong network and true confidentiality - the two “must haves” of this business.  In addition, Andrea is a pleasure to work with and refreshingly honest.  She’s always my first call when we need to fill a role at our firm or when a friend needs a recruiter referral.

Benjamin, Investment Due Diligence, $2B Fund of Hedge Funds

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