Unica Patricia Uyan

Research Analyst

Work Bio

Unica is a highly motivated professional with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Financial Management. With a strong educational foundation and a passion for the field, Unica brings a valuable skill set and dedication to her work. Unica supports the Cardea Group team through her diligent research to identify talent in the market and source new candidates through unique methods. She possesses a natural talent for supporting and assisting her seniors, recognizing the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and creativity. She embraces challenges as opportunities for growth and is always seeking ways to enhance her knowledge and skills to provide valuable contributions to her team. 

Out of Office

You can find me outside the office at the coffee shops with friends, bonding with family and friends.

I named my cat Butter because her color looks like a peanut butter!

Three countries I’d love to visit are Italy, London, and Japan.

My favorite vacation spot is anywhere!

My favorite Cardea Group memory being part of the team!

I’d describe my clients as collaborative and knowledgeable.

I admire my candidates most when I see that they are eager to get their dream job!