Steve Shapiro

Steve Shapiro

Executive Recruiter & Partner

Work Bio

Steve graduated from Pace University with a degree in Finance. He has spent his entire 15+ year career in recruiting focused on the investment management space. He is known to his clients as one of the most knowledgeable industry experts and boasts the internal record for having the most candidates return to him as hiring managers. This is no surprise as Steve is easily one of the most affable, trustworthy, and insightful recruiters in the industry.

Out of Office

You can find me outside the office mountain biking, golfing or at the beach.

I named my dog Kipley because it was an extension of my favorite artist – Kip Moore.

Three countries I’d love to visit are Portugal, New Zealand and Australia.

My favorite vacation spot is Tahoe.

My favorite Cardea Group memory is chocolate making.

I’d describe my clients as impressive. Most of the firms I work with started with just a few people in a room – they had to go out and raise capital, make smart investments, and scale the business for us to work with them. Sometimes I lose sight of the risks a lot of our clients took along the way and I’m appreciative of the fact that we get to support them in their growth plans.

I admire my candidates most when they take risks. We’re wired as people to do what is comfortable and moving jobs is VERY uncomfortable. It takes guts and self-confidence to try something new and that’s not lost on me when I work with candidates.