Kim Autuori

Kim Autuori

Executive Recruiter & Partner

Work Bio

Kim graduated from Union College with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and has recruited in both Boston and New York for nearly a decade. Exclusively focused on the alternative asset management space, Kim is touted as the best targeted recruiter in the business and easily the recruiter who loves a perfect match more than anyone else. She is also Cardea Group’s greatest ‘boomerang story’ as she moved to Boston for a short stint to work in-house for an asset manager only to return to our team as her heart and passion remained here at Cardea. Aside from mapping out her plan for work the next day, you can find Kim whipping up a new recipe in the kitchen, hopping on her Peloton, or walking her dog, Hamilton.

Out of Office

You can find me outside the office riding my Peloton, walking my dog, trying new recipes, or brunching with friends.

I named my dog Hamilton because I love the show and who doesn’t love thinking about a baby pug in colonial clothes?

Three countries I’d love to visit are Italy, Greece, and Japan.

My favorite vacation spot is Nantucket.

My favorite Cardea Group memory is becoming partner!

I’d describe my clients as smart, hardworking, friendly, open and excited.

I admire my candidates most when they’re honest. I see myself as your biggest advocate and cheerleader. If you’re honest with me about what you need and what you want, we will team together to make it happen for you.