Emily May

Emily May

Research Analyst

Work Bio

Emily graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in History from Johns Hopkins University. She spent several years post-college working in the investment management space and joined Cardea Group as a Research Analyst, leveraging her knowledge of the industry into the recruitment field. Emily helps identify and source prospective clients and candidates for the team. Her behind-the-scenes work is invaluable to the group as she unearths tremendous organizations and prospective candidates through her sleuthing. If you’re ever wondering “how did they find me?”—you have Emily to thank! When Emily’s not conquering new recruits, you’ll find Emily working out, hiking with her sons, or spending time with her family.

Out of Office

You can find me outside the office doing fitness activities, anything outside, or hanging with my boys.

I named my dog Ranger because my kids named it (it was between that, Steve or Darth Vader), Lady just because she is one, and Tank because he had huge paws as a baby so I figured he would be big (I was right!)

Three countries I’d love to visit are Italy, Iceland, and Polynesia (specifically Samoa).

My favorite vacation spot is anywhere because it’s vacation!

My favorite Cardea Group memory is joining the team.

I’d describe my clients as interesting and hardworking.

I admire my candidates most when I see they have experienced and accomplished so much.