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Interesting Things We have Heard Asked on an Interview

I had a good laugh writing this blog post, as did the rest of the office. I’m sure at one point in our careers we’ve all been asked at least one wacky question by an interviewer. In the recruiting world, we hear about interviews daily from our candidates and our clients. These few gems were handpicked as our favorite weirdest interview moments:

1. What are all of the Backstreet Boys’s birthdays?

2. Name five Duran Duran songs.

3. How many traffic lights are in Brooklyn?

4. How many manholes do you think there are in New York City?

5. I’m going to give you five phone numbers and in five minutes, I’m going to have you recite them back to me.

6. What is your power animal?

7. If you could be a piece of fruit/food, what would it be?

8. Tell me 3 ways you could measure the number of dimples on a golf ball without counting them.

9. Draw me a tree.

10. How many gallons of milk would fill this room?

And the wackiest question we’ve heard to date…

Do you own a gun?

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