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Questions to Ask a Candidate on an Interview – For Hiring Managers!

Walk me through your career progression leading up to the current role

This question gives you the opportunity to learn more about the progression of the candidate, how his/her responsibilities have changed over time, and how s/he has professionally grown over time

Why do you want to work here?

The answer to this question will hopefully help you gauge the candidate’s interest level and how much research they’ve done about your firm 

Why are you looking to leave?

You’ll be able to find out what the candidate needs in his/her future position that the current role is not offering. As such, you’ll be able to assess whether your company will be able to provide what this candidate is looking for. If the candidate is looking to leave their current employer because it is too fast paced, and your firm is fast paced as well, this candidate may not be the best match for your office’s environment!

Ask follow up questions about software and computer programs

What exactly can you do in Excel? How often did you use Eze Castle at your previous job? Can you give me examples of responsibilities that require you to utilize Bloomberg?

Specific questions pertaining to your field 

Ask about the process that s/he uses at their current firm to get certain things done. Do they use additional software or resources to make things more efficient? How do they handle busy season or pressing deadlines?

How much structure, direction, and feedback do you generally prefer on a day-to-day basis?

This helps you understand the management style that this candidate prefers, how much hand-holding they could potentially need from you as a manager, and the way they get things done

Example-driven questions

Asking a candidate for examples of how they handled certain situations can help you better understand their way of thinking and how they work under pressure

What is your biggest weakness?

A lot of candidates will shoot themselves in the foot with this question. They will bring up character flaws that you may strongly dislike such as their lack of organization or attention to detail. It will help you identify a weakness that a previous employee had and you may not want to deal with again.

Why do you like what you do?

What motivates this candidate? Are they money-driven or do they have a genuine passion for this career path?

What do you do outside of work?

Feel free to discuss the candidate’s outside interests. It can help you understand a bit more about their character and personal life, and whether this is someone you’d like to grab drinks after work with!

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