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What NOT to Wear on an Interview

The way you dress says a lot about you and it is certainly a strong indicator of your general presentation, attention to detail and professionalism. Even though each industry has different rules about what’s acceptable, below are some general tips about ladies and gentlemen specifically, though things such as clean, pressed and well-fitting clothes are a must for both!


Gentlemen, please avoid the following items:

1. Mismatched or ill-fitted suit

2. Tie that is too wide, too narrow, or made out of something that does not look like silk

3. Over-the-top, light-colored, three-piece suit that you would wear at your wedding!

4. Socks that don’t match your shoes

5. Sneakers – it doesn’t matter how comfortable they are! They are too casual and a big no-no!

6. Keep the jewelry to a very minimum – a watch or simple ring is fine

7. Large belt buckles

8. Cell phone case on your belt


Ladies, the following items are NOT acceptable:

1. See-through or skin-tight garments

2. Low-rise pants or mini skirts

3. Wrap dresses or shirts that are low-cut

4. Jingly or ginormous jewelry

5. Makeup appropriate for Halloween

6. Fishnets or colorful pantyhose

7. Sunglasses placed above your head during the interview (we’ve seen it happen!)

8. Flip-flops or shoes that expose your toes. Stick to a closed-toe classical shoe, with a medium heel in which you are comfortable in

9. Long finger nails


General Tips For All!

1. Try to avoid strong colognes – the interviewer may be extremely allergic!

2. Invest in a good portfolio or business professional bag that you can bring to all your interviews and professional meetings

3. Nothing speaks more about your polish level than your newly-polished shoes!

4. The details in your clothing speak to your overall attention to detail

5. Your hands are often a focus point for the interviewer, so make sure that your nails are clean and groomed


When in doubt, always stick with something classic, polished and professional. It is a safer bet and almost all firms within financial services do prefer candidates that dress conservatively and/or in strict business attire

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