Our Process - Hiring

Finding the right candidate for your position is more than just picking the person with the best resume. That's why Cardea Group is here to help. With our proven process, we target recruit the most qualified candidates for your position, and help you find someone that will be a valuable asset to your organization.

1 .Submit your job position to Cardea Group or work with your Cardea Group recruiter to create a job posting
2 . Contact one of our recruiters directly to discuss your ideal hire and target companies to recruit from
3 .Cardea Group contacts their existing network to identify and target recruit talent for your needs
1 .Review the screened resumes shared with you by Cardea Group to assess whether the candidate's professional experience, skill set and educational background are a fit for your organization
2 .Provide guidance to your Cardea Group recruiter on what attributes and skills you liked and those you didn't like about each resume reviewed
3 .Collaborate with Cardea Group to facilitate the beginning of a seamless interview process
1 .Prepare for the interview with Cardea Group by reviewing the resumes and understanding each candidate’s background before meeting
2 .Interview!
3 .Discuss pros and cons of each candidate met
4 .Provide feedback allowing Cardea Group to narrow the search field
1 .Cardea Group keeps you apprised of each candidate’s interviewing activity, interest level in your opening, and works with you throughout the decision making process
2 .We collaborate with you to prepare a competitive and fair salary offer to the star candidate of your choice
3 .Offer is extended and accepted! We coordinate a start date, inform the chosen candidate on your company’s benefits package, and notify them of other necessary information
4 .We coach candidates to ensure an effective resignation at their current firm
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