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Compliance Assistant, New York, NY

Compliance Assistant (New York, NY): One of the most successful funds in the world has a newly created need for a Compliance Assistant to join their team.  This is an ideal role for an individual with an interest in legal/compliance work and the desire to be working for a top fund under tremendous leadership.  This new hire will have the opportunity to take on a bigger role with time and gain exposure to all aspects of the compliance program.  Under the leadership of someone we admire, and adore, this is a phenomenal opportunity for a junior individual with a vision and understanding of how aligning your career with the right firm can change your entire future. 


Key Points: 

  • Opportunity to work in a junior compliance capacity under a team of collaborative, intelligent individuals
  • Position will encompass compliance tasks (pulling together information for personal trade review, Code of Ethics and regulatory filings, reviewing AML requests, etc.) and light administrative work including scheduling and answering calls
  • Firm pays in the top 1% of all funds
  • Individual will have a ton of upward mobility as the firm continues to grow 


  • 1-3 years of work or internship experience as a paralegal or compliance assistant/associate for an RIA
  • Willingness to do the administrative piece 

Job Reference #1684

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