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Asset Manager , New York, NY

Asset Manager (New York, NY): Our client, an established hedge fund in Manhattan with over $15 billion in assets, is looking to hire an individual to work with the firm’s growing asset management business.  This is a newly created role for the organization within a team that formed roughly two years ago; the group works with the portfolio companies, loan portfolios and real estate assets, with the goal of reducing risks and costs, while maximizing performance.  The role works closely with the Portfolio Managers, Legal Transaction Team, Treasury, Operations and Accounting functions; the position is ideal for an individual looking to work on a dynamic and growing portfolio of investments and make a transformative impact on the business by having responsibility for data across the firm’s complex assets.  Specifically, this new hire will drive the integration of the data received by counterparties and external services providers into the firm’s IT architecture.  The team is developing an IT platform to drive the gathering and analysis of performance information related to the various investments.  Specifically, this new hire will be responsible for designing a process to efficiently integrate data from multiple service providers, make it accessible via reporting tools and provide ongoing maintenance of this process; developing reporting that is consistent across the organization and allows Senior Management, Risk and Portfolio Managers insight into asset performance to optimize returns, manage risk and deepen engagement at the asset; and ensuring appropriate controls are in place to manage the integrity of data being received.  Additionally, s/he will be assisting in the formulation and implementation of long-term asset management strategies; identifying opportunities to improve returns on assets; assisting the business with loan work out strategies and asset improvement initiatives; providing cash management at the portfolio company level; monitoring the quality of reporting from service providers and standardizing the format of data provided; and working closely with the Portfolio Managers to manage the firm’s service providers with the aim of maximizing the performance and value of the firm’s portfolio of assets.  Finally, the new hire will be selecting appropriate and reputable joint venture partners and third party servicers, and conducting due diligence on new service providers to review asset maximization strategies and key controls over cash, IT and reporting; visiting the firm’s key service providers on a regular basis to ensure their compliance with service level agreements and maintenance of a strong control environment; assisting the Portfolio Managers in deal closing and operational on-boarding including monitoring conditions to close and preparation of funding requests; and designing and monitoring the cash management processes. The ideal candidate will have 5 to 10 years of asset management and/or transactional experience in the banking, real estate, accountancy, private equity and/or asset management industries with experience and interest in the process flows and the management of data.  The candidate will have experience working with third party service providers to identify performance enhancing opportunities.  The ideal candidate will also have experience in project management, business operations and asset improvement initiatives.  The candidate must be willing to engage in periodic international (primarily to Europe) travel.  Finally, while a working knowledge of information technologies infrastructures is required, the optimal candidate will not require the technical knowledge required to design or develop the IT system. 

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